MCH drawing

“Since conception of the hospital foundation this group has supported the purchase of numerous equipment needs. As we added providers and/or services the need to explore facility enhancements became inevitable. Since 2013, we have added seven primary care providers, three social service professionals, fourteen specialists, and new equipment to our laboratory, radiology, and operating room departments. Our initial strategic plan was to add a new emergency department and move the lab services to the front of the building. However, we all recognize that the healthcare needs of our patients has changed greatly over the many decades. Subsequently, the hospital administration and board of directors began to scrutinize the other service areas to consider how the footprint of our hospital would need to be changed in order to meet these needs.” stated Pam Pfister, CEO 

This project started with the chairman of our board’s inspired drawing abilities on a napkin and from there we have put in many, many hours of planning and designing to solidify our final plans. The original building has served the healthcare needs of the community for more than 80 years. This project involves approximately 80,000 square feet of either new construction and/or renovated areas. The construction includes a new five-bay emergency department, eight private patient rooms on our medical-surgical floor, an OR room and waiting area, a laboratory department, provider offices for the first-floor clinic, rehab is moving to the first floor, and billing and coding departments. We will also be making renovations to the radiology and dietary departments. The total cost of our project is $20,500,000.  

“Once the scope of project was secured, we went to the foundation board and discussed the need to develop a capital campaign. Our foundation board is passionate about what we do here and how much it means to the community, so without hesitation, they began the task of identifying opportunities for raising our $1.5 million goal” stated Pam Pfister, CEO. 

“I feel it is a privilege to be part of such an amazing foundation. I admire their dedication and am grateful for their partnership as we continue to build access to healthcare for the communities we serve” Pfister said.

As mentioned we have been tasked with raising $1.5 million dollars for this project. If anyone would like to leave a legacy for years to come and partner with us financially please contact Mick Welding at 815-772-5510 or We would love to sit down and explain the details of our expansion project, show you a video presentation, and detail how your donation will serve our current patients plus generations to come.