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The Radiology department offers both screening and diagnostic tests to both inpatients and outpatients.  We have registered technologists available to perform many physician ordered tests.  We offer many imaging procedures including; general x-rays, CT, MRI, bone density testing, and diagnostic ultrasound.

All of the radiology exams performed at Morrison Community Hospital are interpreted by Advanced Radiology, SC in the Quad Cities. These exams are transmitted and stored via PACS and interpreted within a very short time, usually within 30 minutes. Advanced Radiology is comprised of 17 board certified Radiologists that read exam results from many of the Quad Cities hospitals and clinics. Feel free to visit their website for a complete listing of Radiologists at QC Radiology.


Available on Mondays from 2:30 PM – 8:00 PM. The ordering physician should fax the pre-certification and order to 815-772-5589 at least one day prior to the procedure. Patients are advised to leave all jewelry or anything metal at home. Dressing rooms are provided if patients forget to leave valuables at home. We ask patients to arrive 30 minutes prior to their MRI to allow for preparation. To schedule an MRI call 815-772-5546.

CT Scan

CT scan images allow the doctor to look at the inside of the body just as one would look at the inside of a loaf of bread by slicing it. This type of special X-ray, in a sense, takes “pictures” of slices of the body so doctors can look right at the area of interest. CT scans are frequently used to evaluate the brain, neck, spine, chest, abdomen, pelvis, and sinuses. CT’s can be scheduled any day of the week by calling 815-772-5546

Quantitative Computed Tomography (QCT)- Bone Density Testing

  • This testing is instrumental in the diagnosis of osteoporosis.

The test measures bone mineral density in both the hip and spine. This information is then used to determine the strength of your bones. As we age, our bone strength decreases often resulting in osteoporosis. If your bone density is found to be lower than normal, your doctor can recommend treatment to increase your bone strength and lower the risk of a fracture.


At Morrison Community Hospital, our radiology Technologists always put the patient first, We have an experienced, caring, and professional staff that ensure each patient feels at ease while in our care.
For questions or to make an appointment please call 815-772-5546
Sunday – Saturday 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Appointment phone number- 815-772-5546
Fax number- 815-772-5589