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Morrison Community Hospital has Pfizer and Moderna vaccine available. If you or a loved one have not been vaccinated, please call (815) 772-5537. Accommodations can be made for those needing assistance due to

transportation, medical conditions, or any other barriers.

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Family Care Clinic

Our Walk-in Family Practice Providers treat patients with common colds to more serious ailments such as lacerations, infections and other ailments. Tele-Psychiatry, Dermatology, Cardiology, and Gastroenterology services are now being provided in the Family Care Clinic. Hours: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Seven days a week. 815-772-5511

Specialty Clinic Services

Dr. Priyanka Gauravi, Endocrinologist, treats patients with diabetes and patients with thyroid disorders in the Specialty Clinic. Dr. Thane Cody, Otolaryngologist, treats ear, nose and throat maladies for patients from infants to adults. Please call 815-772-5590 to find our more information or to schedule an appointment.

Rehabilitation Services

Physical, occupational, and speech rehab is offered at Morrison Hospital. We also provide Massage Therapy. Call 815-772-5548 to schedule an appointment or get more information.

Medical / Surgical Services

The Morrison Community Hospital Medical and Surgical Department cares for a wide variety of patients from pediatric to geriatric with various medical conditions. We provide Acute Care, Skilled Care, Wound Care, Outpatient IV therapies and Hospice Care.


We provide in-patient and out-patient services for the procurement of blood, urine and other specimens, and the testing of these specimens is performed with state of the art laboratory instrumentation. The lab provides tests 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Call 815-772-5536 to make an appointment.


The Radiology department offers both screening and diagnostic tests to both inpatients and outpatients. We offer many imaging procedures including; general x-rays, CT, MRI, bone density testing, and diagnostic ultrasound.

Foundation Events

The mission of the Morrison Community Hospital Foundation is to support the Morrison Community Hospital, foster its growth, and to perpetuate excellence in healthcare. For more information on our special events or to partner with us financially please click on the Foundation tab.

Billing / Insurance / Patient Records

A list of insurance plans accepted by Morrison Community Hospital is available by clicking on the “About Us” tab and then scroll down to “Insurance”. To request patient records call 815-772-5527. To pay a bill or get answers to questions on a billing statement call 815-772-5517.

Dr. Cody's patient Tony McCubbin

Tony has the utmost respect for Dr. Cody whom has become more than a doctor to him and his family. In 2007 Tony had surgery for a complete laryngectomy which meant removing the larynx, thyroid, and separation of the airway from the nose and mouth. Tony's job required him to speak so recovery from this procedure was important to him. But more importantly, in January, shortly after surgery, he wrote on a chalkboard he that he was going to speak at his daughters’ wedding in September. Recovery from this surgery usually takes more than 1 year so the speaking engagement was a bit aggressive but Tony was determined to make it work. One of Tony’s greatest joys was to welcome his new son-in-law into their family, tell his daughter how much he loved her and to thank Dr. Cody, who was in attendance, for his skill in performing a successful surgery. Since then Tony has maintained a relationship with Dr. Cody since he comes in for regular checkups and follow up procedures. Tony has a daughter who manages a day care facility in Moline. She recommends Dr. Cody to all of her families when the children in her care need to address earaches and sore tonsils. Thanks to Dr. Cody, Tony worked for another 10 years communicating with union members and company representatives. Tony also commented that Dr. Foad repaired his shoulder after other doctors told him he would have to have a shoulder replacement. Tony recommends our hospital to EVERYONE he meets.

Dr. Ahmad now performing Clinical Botox Injections and Home Sleep Studies

Dr. Ahmad is now performing Home Sleep Studies, EEG's, EMG's and Clinical Botox injections to treat chronic migraines, spasticity from strokes, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy and excessive sweating and drooling. Call 815-772-5564 for an appointment.

Gala Video

Click below to view the Morrison Community Hospital 2020 Gala Video

Breast Cancer detection and treatment

We are proud to announce that Dr. James Olney is using revolutionary methods to detect and remove potential breast cancer tumors. Our Sentimag® localization system, Magseed® markers and Magtrace® lymphatic tracer, enable physicians to carry out tumor localizations and breast cancer staging with one platform. By adding greater flexibility and precision, and removing the need for both wires and radioactivity, our platform is revolutionizing breast cancer care.

MCH drawing

Thank you for considering a donation to the Morrison Community Hospital Foundation. To discover ways to participate please call 815-772-5510.

Foundation Events

The Morrison Community Hospital Foundation Board of Directors is constantly looking at creative ways to foster fellowship and in turn, raise funds for a project at the hospital.

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View our gallery.

Memorials and Dedications

Remembering a loved one, friend, or colleague with a monetary donation is a lasting remembrance of a special person who has impacted your life.

Employment Opportunities

Construction Update – Employment Opportunities With each passing day we get closer and closer to the grand unveiling of our $20,500,000 expansion! Workers are putting finishing touches on some parts of the project while other parts are still in the framing and reconstruction mode. Rest assured each phase of this project has been completed with the utmost attention to safety and convenience. Every detail to make this facility patient-friendly has been addressed. This expansion includes a new Emergency Department, Operating Room, Lab; Expansion to the Radiology Department; eight new Medical Surgical Rooms; and increasing clinic space. This expansion will also include us having to increase FTE’s in many departments. We’re recruiting professionals who want to grow their careers in a dynamic and inspiring environment, both clinical and non-clinical. Whether you want to explore your potential at a community-based hospital or an ambulatory clinic, you’ll be part of a system that’s at the forefront of evidence-based medicine and patient-centered care. Positions are posted on our website at For nursing applicants feel free to contact Sherri Garcia, Chief Nursing Officer at of 815-772-5524.

Free Medicare Wellness Exams

Call and make an appointment for your complimentary annual medicare wellness visit.

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In a follow-up telephone call the patient reports “Feeling better, Izzy was the best!

Cindy is an extraordinary NP and as asset to have in our Community.

I loved the doctor and his team. He was very in depth and made sure I understood everything!

I have no issue waiting up to a half hour to be seen as long as my appointment is not rushed. I would rather have a through exam like I did today!

Staff went above and beyond to ensure that my care was exceptional as I am agoraphobic with severe anxiety. Thank you for making it a pleasurable experience!

I cannot say enough well about my experience at this facility! From the receptionist, to the nurses, doctor/surgeon, every single person that helped me was kind and VERY ATTENTIVE! You have a wonderful staff! Keep up the great work!

I have been getting this type of procedure for over 40 years. My present doctor (urologist), is the BEST ONE I have ever had!

Filled out paperwork, called into exam room in less than 1 minute. Waited for doctor in room less than 1 minute, Doctor answered all questions explained everything so I was able to understand.

Dr. Gueorguiev is a good doctor & I recommend him to others often!

Very good experience! Doctors and nurses were great, working together to be sure I had everything and cared for!


In order to ensure the safety of our patients, visitors, and staff we have added a mobile screening office.  This mobile unit will be easily identifiable and is located in the back of the facility.  We are asking all patients to call 815-772-5511 between the hours of 8:00AM – 5:00PM Monday through Sunday.  A healthcare […]

In order to ensure the safety of our patients, visitors, and staff we have added a mobile screening office.  This mobile unit will be easily identifiable and is located in the back of the facility.  We are asking ALL patients to call 815-772-5511 between the hours of 8:00-5:00 Monday through Sunday before you leave your […]

As announced by Illinois Department of Public Health, beginning May 11 hospitals in the State of Illinois may resume elective surgeries. Morrison Community Hospital announced plans to begin a phased, measured and clinically lead process to resume surgeries for certain elective and procedures. Effective May 12,Morrison Community Hospital will gradually introduce the availability of elective […]