MCH drawing

Thank you so much for your very generous food drive gifts in your competition with Resthave, Pleasant View and Windsor Manor! What a fun way to collect food for the needy! Your kindness is greatly appreciated! Great people like you help us keep our doors open to serve the less fortunate of our wonderful community! Thanks again for thinking of us and our clients!
With much gratitude,
Kaywyn Beswick, Director, Morrison Food Bank

Thank you Amy, Michele, the finance department and the Medical Records Staff. You go the extra mile to help your patients and clients. I certainly appreciate all your help.
Thank you,
Linda K.

Dear Dr. Raven,
Thank you for catching my thyroid problem 10 years ago. If you hadn’t discovered it I would feel tired, sluggish or always weak. I would have memory problems. I would have very slow movement and very cold skin. Because you discovered it I am able to use medication to control it.
I have a new little sister that is six months old and I have a brother that is 8 years old. I am in 4th grade now and I really like both of my teachers. I like to read and write. I want to be a nurse. I want to be a hero someday like you.
Kylee J.

Here is a standing ovation for a successful open house with warm hospitality and wonderful homemade food! The efforts by everyone involved did not go unnoticed.
Thank you,
Gary and Donna W.

Congratulations to the Dietary staff for scoring 100% in the unannounced County Health Inspection. We are so proud you keep the kitchen clean and the food sanitary.

Hi Morrison Community Hospital,
I would like to thank you nurses, aides, and everyone who helped me to get back on my feet after my hip replacement. Everyone was so kind and lovely in every way. I appreciated it very much. You have a wonderful staff.
Thanks again!
Kathy B.

Thank you so much for all you did to make my stay with you so great. Please share this with all staff and therapy staff on the second floor.
Thanks a lot,
Irene and Jim C.

We would like to present the Med-Surg floor of Morrison Community Hospital with a memorial to show our appreciation of the wonderful care she received in her final weeks of life. Please use our memorial donation towards the purchase of equipment to help assist the staff in the continued excellent care they already provide their patients.
The Family of Helen T.

Testimonial from Ms. Robert B.
I was in the clinic on Tuesday, February 28 when the tornado sirens sounded. I must say that your staff handled the patients with such care and concern. I have nothing but great things to say about MCH. Dr. Georgiev is a wonderful dermatology physician. He does not make you wait for months for follow up appointments. I am so impressed with the number and types of specialists you have at your hospital. We are so fortunate to have a hospital with a rheumatologist, urologist, endocrinologist, surgeon and others. And now you have an MRI and other equipment to help doctors diagnose illnesses. As far as I am concerned, there is no competition around with the level of skill and professionalism your staff shows.
After we came back into the clinic I engaged in a conversation with the lady in the waiting room next to me. She informed me she was from Dixon and she now comes to Morrison since this is the best care she has ever received. You have the ability to treat such a diverse population from the youngest child to the elderly. These are the best doctors around!

Testimony from Mark D.
I have had a few surgical procedures in my life. The interesting thing is that many of them were not as serious as the surgery I just had with Dr. Khawaja. Before the surgery he was so kind to illustrate and explain the procedure in depth to me. He was so kind and thorough and patient with me. I was so confident that he was going to do a good job that perhaps that is the reason I have recovered from this surgery faster than I ever have with prior surgeries. The staff here is so wonderful. I know they communicated with each other so well. They tell me I am poster child for how fast I have recovered from this procedure. I am going home much sooner than anyone expected. I recommend Dr. Khawaja to ANYONE who has to have surgery. He treats patients with such humility. By all means have your doctor refer you to him. He is one in a million! You will not be sorry.
I also want to commend the Med/Surg nurse Kevin for his excellent care as well. He really put us at ease and helped us with the transition from the hospital to our home. Kim, the nurse with the pink glasses was so sharp. She works so well with the doctor that it seems she can finish his thought before he speaks it. Finally, I can’t say enough about Peter and his rehab staff. They worked with me before and after my surgery with exercises to help me recover much quicker than I anticipated. Thank you again for all you have done for me!

Testimony from Leora B.
Back in January I suffered a hip fracture from a fall in my home. Dr. Hanlon did a wonderful job with my surgery. After my surgery he referred me back to my hometown hospital to recover and I have been so grateful he did. The nurses have been so kind. I have no regrets. I have nothing bad to say. The food has been wonderful. I just wish I had more of an appetite to enjoy more of it. Your physical therapist, Dan Howard was kind enough to take me on some wheelchair tours after my therapy. I was so impressed to see how you have added so many new doctors and specialists. The new clinic is beautiful and so spacious. He showed me the area where your new emergency department will be built and I can’t be happier for this wonderful addition to our community. This hospital is so clean. Please let your housekeeping staff know that as well. Finally, your wound care nurse, Mona, is the best nurse I have ever had. She came to my house to help me with a wound vac that just miraculously healed a very serious wound. I am so grateful. Please pass on my compliments to your whole staff. I have been treated like a queen!

Testimony from Lain
Back in 2009 I had a traumatic car accident that almost claimed my life. My injuries were so severe that I have had numerous surgeries to repair damage that was done. Several doctors told me that my leg would have to be amputated. But Mona, your wound care nurse, said she could try and save it. And that she did! She was so patient and so knowledgeable. Some staff at another local medical facility actually told me to go to Morrison and see the best wound care nurse in the entire area, and they were right!
Dr. Khawaja is the kindest, most caring physician I have ever met. He took an ample amount of time to explain my surgical procedure to me and diagramed exactly what I could expect. He brought me such a sense of peace in a time when I was really nervous and apprehensive. I am telling everyone to come to Morrison for their medical care. The radiologists were wonderful. My mom used to work at MCH and I can say that the staff here is just as kind and caring and knowledgeable as she is. Her former co-worker, Kay Razo is a wonderful lady. Dr. Nicki is amazing! She takes time to diagnose my medical condition and prescribes meds as I need them. Everyone is so helpful! I am so blessed to have been treated at Morrison Hospital!

HI Morrison Hospital staff. Do you remember James Hatt? He was my brother and I love him very much. You guys came to my house and tried to save him. My aunts are coming over to stay for awhile so they can attend the funeral. I now have another promise to keep to be a doctor. I also want to find a cure for cancer because my daddy has stage 4 colon cancer. But I wanna thank the ambulance people who tried to save my brother and all the people who went out of their way to help us.
Much love and hugs,

My experience with Dr. Kahwaja and his nurse Kim has been AMAZING!! I have never had such a caring team on my side! The surgical staff was also very caring and compassionate!
Avis H.

Great care and attentiveness. Kind and courteous staff, short wait time.
Elizabeth S.

My family has had wonderful experiences with Morrison ER dept and the EMTs. Due to an unexpected fast labor, we were unable to make it to our planned delivery hospital. Our son was born in the ER, 18 minutes after arriving. The cord was wrapped around our son’s neck and we are forever grateful for the excellent care we received.
Angie V.

We are grateful to be at the Morrison Emergency room. I was treated by very pleasant doctors and nurses while I was getting my CT scan. This is very emotional for me. We want to give thanks to the doctor who saved my life by finding a cyst on my kidney. Turned out it was cancerous. The kidney was removed in surgery.
That was 1 year and a half ago. I failed to mention that another hospital in Iowa did not detect my problems. We are so happy to say we moved to Morrison for our primary doctor.
As mentioned, God bless your doctor who found this before it had a chance to spread. It was stage 1. I can’t thank your staff enough. Hugs to all of you!
Matt S.

Thank you so much for the Willow Tree Angel arrangement and for all the comforting hugs and support. Everyone at MCH has been fantastic though all of the difficult times I have endured!
Marcia H.

I just want to say that between Dr. Dinkha and Dr. Khawaja you have the best hospital staff in the area hands down. In the last 3 years I have had stomach trouble. I went to two other hospitals and could not get answers. I spent 45 minutes with Dr. Dinkha and then had a follow up with Dr. Khawaja and soon had an answer! Dr. Khawaja the surgeon is “amazing”. Both doctors are top notch guys. Best doctors I have ever dealt with in my life!
Jason S.

Thank you so much for the excellent care I received from your hospital during my surgery on December 5. I am really impressed with the pride that your staff has for your hospital. I was treated with a lot of compassion by everyone at your facility. I am very impressed by your hospital, staff and clinic. I think the extra 30 mile drive from Dixon is worth the trip to get the care and compassion your staff shows. I will continue to use Morrison clinic and hospital for my medical care.
Kevin R.

On behalf of the residents and staff at Winning Wheels I would like to thank you for your support of our 2nd Annual Winning Wheels TBI Awareness Ride. We had a very successful ride and it would not have happened without your support. Even though the weather was not the greatest this year we raised $6,000 to help purchase a Vector Elite Gait and Safety system. Thank you again for your continued support!
Sheila H., Marketing Director

I was brought into the ER with chest pains on the 17th. I will say that Dr. Silver and Linda the nurse were awesome. My care was great and I felt that the doctor really listened to me. I will be sure to spread the word around about my awesome care!
Don H.

My husband was in the Emergency room last night. I cannot say enough good things about Michelle, Nancy, Lisa from EMS and Dr. Dinkha. I appreciate how they took care of him and me as well while he was in the emergency room.
Tracy S.

Love all of them in the Specialty Clinic”

“Dr. Gauravi and her staff are Excellent!”

“Doctor was great! She explained everything about the test and procedures she wanted.”

“Very good experience! Doctors and nurses were great, working together to be sure I had everything and cared for!”

“Dr. Gueorguiev is a good doctor & I recommend him to others often!”

“Filled out paperwork, called into exam room in less than 1 minute. Waited for doctor in room less than 1 minute, Doctor answered all questions explained everything so I was able to understand.”

“I have been getting this type of procedure for over 40 years. My present doctor (urologist), is the BEST ONE I have ever had!”

“I cannot say enough well about my experience at this facility! From the receptionist, to the nurses, doctor/surgeon, every single person that helped me was kind and VERY ATTENTIVE! You have a wonderful staff! Keep up the great work!”

“Staff went above and beyond to ensure that my care was exceptional as I am agoraphobic with severe anxiety. Thank you for making it a pleasurable experience!”

“I have no issue waiting up to a half hour to be seen as long as my appointment is not rushed. I would rather have a through exam like I did today!”

I loved the doctor and his team. He was very in depth and made sure I understood everything!”

“Cindy is an extraordinary NP and as asset to have in our Community”

In a follow-up telephone call the patient reports “Feeling better, Izzy was the best!”