How Can You Help?

With the recent creation of the MCH Foundation the Morrison Community Hospital will now be able to invest in the future of the hospital to ensure healthcare for the Morrison community and the surrounding areas.  The mission of the Morrison Community Hospital Foundation is to support the Morrison Community Hospital, foster its growth, and perpetuate excellence in healthcare.  The dedicated members of the MCH Foundation Board of Directors are Betty Steinert, President, Sandi Wilkins, Vice President,  Kelly Vegter,  Treasuer, Pam Pfister, Secretary, Chris Vanderleest, Dawn Young,  Deb Hauptman, Katie Coates-Selburg and Don Beswick.  Mick Welding is the Director of Marketing and Communications for MCH and helps manage the MCH Foundation with guidance from the Board.

A foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports charitable activities in order to serve the common good.  Foundations are often created with endowments—money given by individuals, families or corporations.  They generally make grants or operate programs with the income earned from investing the endowments.

The creation of the MCH Foundation means a great deal to the Morrison Community Hospital and the patients it serves.  Having a foundation opens new doors for donors to make contributions to the hospital with additional benefits.  One of those benefits is that it is tax deductible.  A foundation also has the ability to acquire land, buildings, homes, retirement funds, and other large estate donations.

Robert Wood, Community and Economic Development Director said, “The Morrison Community Hospital is a huge asset to our community.  When people choose to move into Morrison, they often tell us that it is because of the hospital and the schools.  The hospital is the heart of the community and the more support the hospital foundation receives the stronger that heart will become.  The stronger the heart, the healthier the community will grow to be.”

The donations received from private individuals, businesses, employees and other interested parties will often be reinvested to gain additional income.  This income ensures the financial stability of the foundation and the entities that the foundation supports.  The primary focus of the MCH Foundation will be to support the Morrison Community Hospital.  This means that the foundation will periodically make donations to the hospital for updated equipment, renovations, staff education, community health programs, and other needed items to benefit their patient’s wellbeing.

“Life isn’t always about making a decision for immediate gratification.  We all have an opportunity to leave something behind that is more important than ourselves.  The MCH Foundation, with the support of the community, has the ability to ensure that our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will always have a hospital in Morrison for continued healthcare and emergency services,” said Betty Steinert, Whiteside County Enterprise Zone and Economic Development Administrator.

MCH Auxiliary

You may also make donations to the MCH Auxiliary.  The MCH Auxiliary makes donations to the hospital for many projects and needed items.  The auxiliary also has a scholarship fund which was established to support local students who are pursuing careers in the health field.   To make a donation to the auxiliary or to find out more information, please contact Vi Parkinson, MCH Auxiliary President.

Email: Flora Stralow at

Phone: 815-772-5510