Prom Through The Decades

Prom thru the Decades a success!
We had RECORD ATTENDANCE, GREAT FOOD, INCREDIBLE ENTERTAINMENT and BEST of ALL: WE RAISED several THOUSAND DOLLARS to assist us with remodeling the emergency room!!!
As we travel throughout Western Illinois we have an opportunity to interact with several people who call Whiteside and Carroll County their home. Many of those people have either used our emergency room or have loved ones who have been treated in our emergency room. There are many who have had life-saving procedures performed in the ER. The location of our ER is critical to people in Whiteside County but also to patients in a large area of Carroll County. Savanna and Mt. Carroll are 33 and 42 miles respectively from the nearest hospital in Freeport. Drive times are significant and the level of care needs may mean the difference between life and death for some patients. Accordingly, their ambulance services bring a significant percentage of their emergency patients to MCH. The same is true for Prophetstown, Illinois. The idea of traveling a longer distance to another hospital to stabilize a heart condition, to get sutures for a laceration, to have a broken bone set, to address a mental health issue, to access skilled nursing care and so on is a significant burden— with quality of care implications.
Our goal is to make sure that every patient is treated with respect. Privacy is very important to us. We realize that our present emergency room does not always provide patients with the level of privacy they would prefer. Therefore, our fundraising efforts will be used to build emergency room bays that provide additional privacy.
We also realize that we have limited space for loved ones to wait while their friend or family member is being treated. We also plan to address that need with a larger waiting room