Memorials & Dedications

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Remembering a loved one, friend or colleague with a monetary donation is a lasting remembrance of a special person who has impacted your life.  For those celebrating the gift of health donations can be made in honor of:

  • Birthdays or Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Promotions
  • Special Occasions

For those suffering the loss of a loved one, monetary gifts are a way to remember the past and invest in the future.  A donation to the Morrison Community Hospital Foundation can be an especially appropriate memorial. Donations can be designated for a specific project or piece of equipment or can be unrestricted for the foundation board members to spend as they see fit. 

The Need to Give to Your Community Hospital:

Morrison Community Hospital is committed to fulfilling its mission 24 hours per day, every day of the year. In keeping with our mission, the Morrison Community Hospital will become the health care choice for patients, physicians, and employees by providing health and wellness services focusing on safe, high-quality patient care experiences.

Residents in our hospital district and beyond depend on our services, and so we depend greatly upon the support and generosity of area residents to help us provide funding for those services. In the past, gifts and contributions to the hospital have both sustained and expanded hospital services.

Sustained gifts provide financial support for recent expansion projects and allow us to continue to focus on healthcare in the future.

Everyone benefits from donations made to the Morrison Community Hospital Foundation. Gifts made today will return to the communities we serve in the form of medical care that continues to be caring and professional.

Do you have ideas for a long-lasting way to honor a special person?

Contact Mick Welding at Donations are tax-deductible, to the extent allowed by law.