Greetings from our CEO


As we begin to close out 2015 and 2016 begins it seems like a great time to reflect on what we have accomplished, and plans we have for our future.
In 2015 we welcomed new healthcare providers to our team. They include Dr. Nicky Eustace, Family Practice Physician, and Tracy Banks-Geiger, Licensed Clinical Social Worker; and we have introduced a new diabetic educator to our Diabetic Clinic.
We have enhanced our Radiology Department with a new CT and Mammography Unit. The new CT unit features advanced dose-reduction technology which reduces radiation exposure 40%. The Radiology Department has also added two newly certified Mammography Technicians, and in most cases, our Radiology Department provides results on the same day or within 24 hours the of exam. The Operating Department is once again providing cataract surgery with high patient satisfaction results.
As we continue to build our services in 2016, earning the trust and confidence of our patients and their families will remain our priority. Our service lines will continue to expand and technology upgrades will also be introduced.
We are always challenging ourselves on ways to make the healthcare experience better for our patients,
physicians, and staff. Our customer service initiative is providing customized, individualized coaching that helps to produce measurable, sustainable increases in patient satisfaction, employee engagement, and quality outcomes. One of the most important aspects of our customer service initiative is to improve the patient experience by using the tools, techniques, and best practices that are proven to be successful. We are committed to a culture of patient-centered excellence and are excited to learn from our patients’ experiences every day.
I want to thank those who have worked diligently to support Morrison Community Hospital, giving generously of their time and resources. It has been a pleasure serving each and every one of you over the past year, and I look forward to what we will accomplish in the coming year. Wishing you and your families a Happy and Safe Holiday Season! .

Best of health
Pam Pfister, CEO