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Services available during COVID-19 pandemic

The former Family Care Clinic facing Knox Street has been designated as the COVID-19 clinic.  This clinic is seeing patients who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.  Those arriving are asked to stay in their vehicles and register over the phone at 815-772-5505.   A provider will decide based upon symptoms whether the patient will be screened curbside or in the clinic.  This is the best clinical practice to avoid any additional contact with potentially infected patients.

The Family Care Clinic is still open for your patient care needs for both Family Practice and Specialty Services.  Both the family care and specialty clinic are consulting patients via phone and/or program similar to Skype.

The providers are tailoring their patient encounters based upon patient needs.  The Family Care Clinic’s number is 815-772-5511. 

Behavioral Health Services are still available.  The services are also being provided by phone consultations and/or a program similar to Skype.  Phone 815-772-5590

The Rehab Department is using an entrance isolated for these patients providing ADA accessibility.   Signage has been posted.  Patients can still park in the rehab department parking lot on the south side of the hospital.