Mark D.

I have had a few surgical procedures in my life. The interesting thing is that many of them were not as serious as the surgery I just had with Dr. Khawaja. Before the surgery he was so kind to illustrate and explain the procedure in depth to me. He was so kind and thorough and patient with me. I was so confident that he was going to do a good job that perhaps that is the reason I have recovered from this surgery faster than I ever have with prior surgeries. The staff here is so wonderful. I know they communicated with each other so well. They tell me I am poster child for how fast I have recovered from this procedure. I am going home much sooner than anyone expected. I recommend Dr. Khawaja to ANYONE who has to have surgery. He treats patients with such humility. By all means have your doctor refer you to him. He is one in a million! You will not be sorry.

I also want to commend the Med/Surg nurse Kevin for his excellent care as well. He really put us at ease and helped us with the transition from the hospital to our home. Kim, the nurse with the pink glasses was so sharp. She works so well with the doctor that it seems she can finish his thought before he speaks it. Finally, I can’t say enough about Peter and his rehab staff. They worked with me before and after my surgery with exercises to help me recover much quicker than I anticipated. Thank you again for all you have done for me!