Back in 2009 I had a traumatic car accident that almost claimed my life. My injuries were so severe that I have had numerous surgeries to repair damage that was done. Several doctors told me that my leg would have to be amputated. But Mona, your wound care nurse, said she could try and save it. And that she did! She was so patient and so knowledgeable. Some staff at another local medical facility actually told me to go to Morrison and see the best wound care nurse in the entire area, and they were right!

Dr. Khawaja is the kindest, most caring physician I have ever met. He took an ample amount of time to explain my surgical procedure to me and diagramed exactly what I could expect. He brought me such a sense of peace in a time when I was really nervous and apprehensive. I am telling everyone to come to Morrison for their medical care. The radiologists were wonderful. My mom used to work at MCH and I can say that the staff here is just as kind and caring and knowledgeable as she is. Her former co-worker, Kay Razo is a wonderful lady. Dr. Nicki is amazing! She takes time to diagnose my medical condition and prescribes meds as I need them. Everyone is so helpful! I am so blessed to have been treated at Morrison Hospital!