Scrub/Sterile Processing Tech.

MCH drawing

Job Description

Morrison Community Hospital
303 North Jackson Street
Morrison IL 61270

Department: Operating Room

Job Title: Scrub/Sterile Processing Tech.

Reports To: Chief Nursing Officer

Job Type: Full Time

Shift: Days


Job Summary

The Certified Surgical Technician functions in the scrub role and assists in the provision of care for the surgical patient during the intraoperative phase, doing so as a delegated technical function, under the direct supervision of the perioperative RN. The Certified Surgical Technician performs scrub duties as assigned. Cleans, decontaminates, packages, and sterilizes all re-usable patient care instruments and equipment utilized throughout the hospital.

Ages served are pediatric to adult.

Essential Functions

  1. Demonstrates knowledge and skill in sterile technique, decontamination and sterilization, and instrumentation sets, and the surgical procedure.
  2. Maintains the principles of asepsis and infection control.
  3. Delivers supplies and equipment to patient care areas and returns them for reprocessing and/or disposal.
  4. Demonstrates the proper care, decontamination and sterilization, and packaging of specific surgical instruments and patient care equipment.
  5. Maintains all sterilization equipment and documentation.
  6. Maintains inventory of surgical/sterilization supplies.
  7. Communicates with physicians, ancillary caregivers and co-workers regarding the procedural plan of care.
  8. Performs scrub duties as assigned.
  9. Reports charges for items used during procedure.
  10. Demonstrates the proper use, care, application, and sterilization of specific surgical instruments and equipment.
  11. Maintains knowledge of equipment and continuously learns new technology and is able to trouble shoot equipment, report malfunctioning equipment and ensure its repair and return to service.
  12. Demonstrates and actively promotes an understanding and commitment to the mission of Morrison Community Hospital.
  13. Maintains a working knowledge of applicable Federal, State and Local laws and regulations.
  14. Attends staff meetings, annual skills lab, and completes required hospital education.


  1. Certification required within 1 year of hire or LPN with relative experience.
  2. Graduate of an accredited Surgical Technician program.
  3. Must be BLS certified
  4. Experience preferred.
  5. Knowledge and demonstration of AAMI – Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Standards.
  6. Knowledge of Standard Precautions for exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens.
  7. Must demonstrate organizational and communication skills and be able to identify patient care products and their use.
  8. Maintains BLS certification.
  9. Must possess excellent manual dexterity and demonstrate organizational and communication skills and be able to anticipate the needs of the surgeon.
  10. Must maintain confidentiality, demonstrate compassion, empathy, and respect for all customers.
  11. Must be able to demonstrate basic computer skills in a Windows environment.
  12. Must be comfortable operating in a collaborative, shared leadership environment.
  13. Must possess a personal presence that is characterized by a sense of honesty, integrity, and caring.