Job Description

Morrison Community Hospital
303 North Jackson Street
Morrison IL 61270

Department: Physical Therapy

Job Title: Physical Therapist

Reports To: Director of Rehabilitation

Job Type: PRN

Shift: Days

Job Summary

Responsible to the Director of Rehabilitation Services. Assumes responsibility and accountability for the planning, provision and coordination of all aspects of direct patient care for designated group of patients/clients in accordance with established facility and departmental policies and procedures, maintaining the highest degree of quality care. The age of patients served ranges from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Essential Functions

A. Provision of Services
1. Informed consent: the physical therapist (P.T.) has sole responsibility for providing information to the patient or client and for obtaining informed consent in accordance with the department respective policy and procedure.
2. Initial evaluation: the physical therapist performs and documents an initial examination and evaluates the data to identify problems and determine the diagnosis prior to intervention.
3. Plan of care:
a) The P.T. establishes and provides a plan of care for the patient or client based on the evaluation of the examination data and patient or client needs.
b) The P.T. involves the patient and appropriate others in the planning, implementation and assessment of the intervention program.
c) The P.T., in consultation with appropriate disciplines, plans for discharge of the patient or client, taking into consideration the level of goal attainment, and provides for appropriate follow-up or referral.
4. Intervention:
a) The P.T. provides, or directs and supervises, the physical therapy intervention in a manner that is consistent with the examination data, the evaluation, and the plan of care and in accordance with currently accepted standards of practice.
b) The P.T. documents, on an ongoing basis, services provided, responses to the services, and changes in the status of the patient or client relative to the plan of care.
5. Reexamination and reevaluation: The P.T. continually reexamines the patient, reevaluates the data, and modifies the plan of care or discontinues the plan accordingly.
6. Discharge:
a) The P.T. discharges the patient or client from physical therapy intervention in a manner that is consistent with the examination data, the evaluation, and the plan of care.
b) Intervention is discontinued when the goals and expected functional outcomes are attained, the patient or client declines to continue care, the patient is unable or unwilling to continue receiving care, or the P.T. determines that intervention is no longer warranted.
7. Exclusive responsibilities: the following responsibilities must be borne solely by the physical therapist:
a) Interpretation of referrals
b) Initial evaluation, problem identification, and diagnosis for physical therapy
c) Development or modification of a plan of care which is based on the initial evaluation and which includes the physical therapy treatment goals.
d) Determination of which tasks require the expertise and decision making capacity of the P.T., and must be personally rendered by such, and which tasks may be delegated.
e) Delegation and instruction of the services to be rendered by the PTA or other supportive personnel, including, but not limited to, specific treatment program, precautions, special problems, or contraindicated procedures.
f) Timely review of treatment documentation, reevaluation of the patient and the patient’s treatment goals, and revision of the plan of care when indicated.
g) Establishment of the discharge plan and documentation of discharge summary/status.

B. Supervision of personnel:
1. Physical Therapy Assistants:
a) The P.T. must assign, direct and supervise the tasks to be performed by the PTA.
b) When the P.T. is not in the premises, he/she must be accessible by telecommunications to the PTA at all times while the PTA is treating patients.
c) There must be regularly scheduled and documented conferences with the PTA regarding patients, the frequency of which is determined by the needs of the patient and of the PTA, and no less often than once a month or upon request from the PTA.
2. Rehabilitation Aides:
a) Continuous on-site supervision is required when any patient related activity is delegated.
b) The extent to which the physical therapy aide participates in operational activities will be dependent upon the discretion of the P.T. or PTA. These patient care activities shall not include interpretation of referrals, evaluation procedures, the planning of or major modifications of patient programs.
3. Students:
a) Continuous on-site supervision is required when any patient related activity is delegated

C. Education:
1. The P.T. is responsible for individual professional development, including the CEU’s required by the IDPR.
2. The P.T. participates in the education of students as assigned by the Rehabilitation Services Director.
3. The P.T. educates and provides consultation to consumers and the general public regarding the purposes and benefits of physical therapy.

• Works cooperatively with other patient team personnel in maintaining standards of professional physical therapy practice and interdisciplinary teamwork
• May be assigned to assume the duties and responsibilities of the team leader in the absence of that individual.
• Participates in performance improvement and program development activities, which includes providing input into the budgetary planning process, contributing to cost effectiveness of services, and maintaining positive relations with all customers.
• Participate in special department/clinic functions as assigned by the director.
• Responsible for submitting accurate charges for service provided.
• Must consider cost and necessity of supplies with the delivery of care for each patient.
• Achieve productivity targets
• Responsible for safe use and care of all therapy and office equipment used. Must maintain knowledge of equipment and report malfunctioning equipment.
• Supports and conduct one’s self in a manner consistent with customer service expectations.
• Demonstrates and actively promotes an understanding and commitment to the mission of Morrison Community Hospital.
• Maintains a working knowledge of applicable Federal, State and Local laws and regulations.


1. Bachelor’s or higher degree in physical therapy from a school approved by the Illinois
Department of Professional Regulation.
2. Possession of a current Illinois license or eligibility to be licensed as a physical therapist in the
State of Illinois.
3. A member of or eligible for membership in the American Physical Therapy Association.
4. Must have excellent oral and written communication skills.
5. Must be able to demonstrate basic computer skills in a Windows environment.
6. Must be comfortable operating in a collaborative, shared leadership environment.
7. Must possess a personal presence that is characterized by a sense of honesty, integrity, and caring.

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