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Job Description

Morrison Community Hospital
303 North Jackson Street
Morrison IL 61270

Department: Specialty Care Clinic

Job Title: Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Reports To: Clinic Director

Job Type: Full Time

Shift: Days


Job Summary

Perform counseling activities in the treatment of clinic patients and their families.  Provides direct identified services to patients establishing a therapeutic working rapport and assisting with patient problems.  Records a  summary of services and progress reports.  Interviews patients and relatives (if appropriate), to formulate and document a comprehensive Behavioral Health assessment.  Refers patients and/or families (when applicable) to community resources and documents in clinician notes.

Essential Functions

  1. Demonstrates ability to gather timely assessment information including components of home environment situation, support systems, coping skills/stressors, strengths, grief/loss issues, adjustment to illness, identified needs, and goals.
  2. Develops and carries-out intervention plan and make appropriate referrals.
  3. Documents patient assessment and intervention data utilizing Electronic Health Record Behavioral Health documents, which includes assessment, goals, interventions, options provided to pt/family, and referrals/outcome.
  4. Demonstrates working knowledge of community resources, financial assistance programs, Advance Directive laws and process, guardianship/Mental Health commitment process, Medicaid/Medicare programs.
  5. Identify persons at risk to harm themselves or others and for taking appropriate action to prevent harm.
  6. Communicates effective and respectfully in verbal and written form with patients, families, hospital employees, physicians, and the public. Also establishes rapport with and communicates with persons of all ages.
  7. Aware of personal and professional strengths and limitations and can take appropriate action accordingly.
  8. Uses professional judgment when in crisis intervention activities with patients, staff and the public and demonstrates the ability to anticipate potential problems and to take the necessary steps to avoid or handle them.
  9. Demonstrates the ability to work with frequent interruptions and in stressful situations while maintaining a calm and respectful manner.
  10. Demonstrates the ability to present information to patients according to their developmental level, cultural background, and educational level as well and can be flexible with daily schedule to accommodate the needs of Morrison Community  Hospital and it’s patients.
  11. Takes initiative in gathering resource information.
  12. Communicates with other health professionals and community services to provide continuity of care.
  13. Treats patients who may benefit from psychiatric medications and make appropriate referrals.
  14. Maintains knowledge of equipment and continuously learns new technology and is able to trouble shoot equipment, report malfunctioning equipment and ensure its repair and return to service.
  15. Demonstrates and actively promotes an understanding and commitment to the mission of Morrison Community Hospital.
  16. Maintains a working knowledge of applicable Federal, State and Local laws and regulations.


  1. Master’s Degree in Social Work or Master’s Degree in Counseling.
  2. Licensure by the State of Illinois as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC).