About Us


Morrison Community Hospital is a Critical Access Hospital providing immediate life improving medical services.  The mission of Morrison Community Hospital is to improve the health of the residents of the hospital district and the surrounding area, focusing on personalized care.

To accomplish this mission,
Morrison Community Hospital will…

  • provide emergency services that either sustain or improve the health of those we serve
  • provide acute inpatient and outpatient services for diseases routinely encountered by primary care physicians
  • provide specialty services within the defined scope of practice including clinic and surgical services
  • promote wellness through the provision of diagnostic health screenings and educational programs;
  • provide referral arrangements for patients requiring more specialized care
  • provide extended care and related geriatric services with an emphasis on rehabilitation

At all times and to the fullest extent possible, personalized care and the welfare of the patient will be major factors in the determination of the activities, services, and direction of Morrison Community Hospital.